Despite being more than 800 years old, the Town and Manor of Hungerford is as busy and vibrant today as it’s ever been. While much of our focus is on protecting and preserving the incredible wildlife and countryside around us, we’re also active within Hungerford, working hard to benefit the community. Here’s a taste of what we do.

Looking after the Commoner’s Rights

At the very heart of the Town and Manor, from day one to the present day, is the protection of the Commoner’s Rights. Certain properties in Hungerford have “Common Rights”. These rights are the right to fish and shoot within the Borough and Manor of Hungerford and also in the Liberty of Sanden Fee. Different rights attach to different properties, based on whether the property is in the old Tithing Borough of Hungerford or the Liberty of Sanden Fee. Commoners also have the right to graze cattle on the Common lands. We work hard to preserve these Rights, so they can be enjoyed by the people of Hungerford today, and by future generations.

Mission Statement

The charitable purpose of the Town and Manor is to manage its assets, now and in the future, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Hungerford.  To achieve this, we will work to:


Uphold the unique traditions of Hungerford.


Preserve and protect the ancient rights of the Commoners.


Manage the land and buildings in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.


Provide financial support to groups, causes and projects, within the area of benefit.

Our annual accounts are published on the Charity Commission website.

Charitable work & fundraising

Our funds are raised in several ways, including hiring the Town Hall complex, The Croft and Hungerford Common for select events, rod membership fees from the Hungerford Fishery, leasing the John O’Gaunt Inn, and grants from Defra.

Carefully managing our land and property means we’re able to create an annual surplus of funds, which is split between donations and investment.

The donations are given to local groups and charities, while the investment helps to maintain the Town Hall so it can be enjoyed for the community of Hungerford, today and into the future.

Hungerford town Band

Wildlife & Conservation

One of our main areas of activity, click here to find out more about what we’ve been up to.

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Latest News

Hot off the press, the latest newsletter about the wetland the Town and Manor is planning for Hungerford.

After three years of planning, over twenty reports from expert consultants and an extensive and in depth public consultation, the planning application for the Kennet Valley Wetland Reserve, to be developed by the Town and Manor of Hungerford, has now been submitted to West Berkshire Council.

Spotted in Hungerford on 12th September 2023 by the Town and Manor’s River Keeper, Rob Starr, this is a rare Clifden Nonpareil or Blue Underwing moth largest of the species Catocala fraxini.