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Hungerford has developed over the centuries as a market town, supplying the goods and services for the surrounding villages.

More than 800 years of market history

Hungerford probably gained a market in 1248, during the reign of Henry III. There is little written evidence of this until 1296, when Edward I confirmed to the inhabitants of the town certain Rights and Privileges, including the right to hold a Market.


Our News

Spotted in Hungerford on 12th September 2023 by the Town and Manor’s River Keeper, Rob Starr, this is a rare Clifden Nonpareil or Blue Underwing moth largest of the species Catocala fraxini.

After the resignation of the T&M’s CEO, Ellie Dickins, in April 2023 the T&M Trustees have voted not to continue with the role of CEO.

Trustees from The Town and Manor of Hungerford donned their waders on Saturday to help clear the debris blocking one of the River Kennet's channels just below Eddington Mill.