One of the aims of the Town & Manor is to:  Provide financial support to groups, causes and projects, within the area of benefit.

To do this we look to give donations and welcome applications from all groups. See our Donations Policy for full details or get in touch to discuss.

Most of our donations are matched by Greenham Common Trust so we advise first getting your project listed with them.

You can also fill in our form to apply for a donation.

In 2018, and so far in 2019, we donated to the following groups:

Camburn Educational Foundation  £     800
HADCAF  £  1,400
Hungerford Christmas Extravaganza  £  1,395
Hungerford Cricket Club – replacement screen  £     800
Hungerford Rugby Club  £      500
Hungerford Town Band  £   2,000
Hungerford Town Christmas Lights  £   1,000
Hungerford Youth Centre  £    3,000
Newbury Weekly News – Christmas Parcel Fund  £      400
Royal British Legion  £       200
Triangle Field Management Committee  £        50
Grand Total – so far  £ 11,545