Town and Manor Constable Peter Joseph steps down

The Constable of the Town and Manor of Hungerford has announced that he has stepped down from the role.

Peter Joseph, who has held the centuries-old title since April 2021, said he has taken the difficult decision due to ill health.

He is now calling on the community of Hungerford to welcome his deputy, Town and Manor Trustee Greg Furr, who has temporarily taken on the role until a new Constable is formally appointed.

As Constable, Peter has been the head of the organisation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He became involved in the Town and Manor as a Commoner when he and his wife Sarah moved into the town in 2001.

It has been an honour to have had this opportunity and I am immensely proud to have taken on the role of Constable and to serve the wonderful community of Hungerford. I love what the Town and Manor of Hungerford stands for and the benefits it brings to the whole community, I am very sad to be leaving, a big thanks to everyone who helped me during my tenure. I hope the people of Hungerford will join me in supporting Greg, who will be stepping in until the new Constable is appointed.


The Town and Manor’s role is to protect the rights of the town’s commoners and the lands and rivers of Hungerford. Historically, holders of the post of Constable are known from as early as 1458.

The commoners’ ancient rights date back to the 14th Century, and are administered by the ‘Hocktide Court’, which is made up of a jury of commoners who are selected at random.

In terms of appointing a new Constable, the Deputy Constable, Greg Furr, has already recalled the Hocktide jury to court, to commence the procedure. The jury remains sworn in from the Hocktide festivities earlier this year.

The news of Peter’s departure comes as the Constable’s Hungerford Fund, which was launched in August to give financial help to those struggling to cope with the cost of living crisis, reaches £22,000, thanks to the generosity of those who have donated.

The first round of payments has been made this month to eligible households who applied for a £100 one-off payment. Further rounds will follow until the fund closes to both donations and applications at the end of the year.

Donations can still be made via a dedicated online link – – until midnight on Saturday 31st December.

For more details about the fund, please visit

Recent News

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After the resignation of the T&M’s CEO, Ellie Dickins, in April 2023 the T&M Trustees have voted not to continue with the role of CEO.

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