Preparing for Hocktide

Preparing for Hocktide, one of the country’s most ancient celebrations. Preparations are underway for the most important event in the calendar for the Town and Manor of Hungerford – the annual Hocktide celebration and Tutti Day.

Medieval Hocktide is one of England’s most ancient customs and it is believed that Hungerford is the only place in the country that continues to mark the event, which starts on the second Tuesday after Easter.

This year, Tuesday 18th April has been designated as Tutti Day, which is central to the two-week Hocktide celebrations and was traditionally the date when all rents were payable by Commoners in the town.

Trustees are busy organising this year’s festivities and its programme of traditional events for townsfolk, which includes Tutti Day crafts and a performance by the Hungerford Town Band, before the festival finishes on St George’s day, Sunday 23rd with the Constable’s Parade and church service.

Events begin with the Selection of the Hocktide Jury on Tuesday 11th April, when, historically, Commoners were selected to serve as jurors who were presented with any proposed amendments to rules governing fishing and grazing rights and had to agree on them.

Other key dates this year are the Macaroni Supper on Friday 14th, Ale Tasting on Monday 17th and the Court Leet on Friday 21st April, when new officers are summoned to court to be sworn in.

Julie Lloyd, Constable for the Town and Manor of Hungerford, said: “A tremendous amount of hard work goes into organising the Hocktide celebrations to ensure its continued success, as it is an event that people in the town look forward to each year.

We are extremely proud of Hungerford’s connection with this truly historic event, and remain determined to preserve it for many years to come, particularly as we believe we are now the only place where the tradition survives.


The Tithingmen are accompanied by the Orange Man, whose job is to carry the oranges handed out to the Commoners in recognition of the town’s support for William of Orange, who negotiated the terms of his reign as King William lll in Hungerford’s Bear Hotel on 8th November 1688.

Hocktide Luncheon

If you’d like to join us for the Hocktide Luncheon, on Tuesday 18th April, tickets can be purchased from Crown Needlework, 115 High St, Hungerford.

Recent News

After three years of planning, over twenty reports from expert consultants and an extensive and in depth public consultation, the planning application for the Kennet Valley Wetland Reserve, to be developed by the Town and Manor of Hungerford, has now been submitted to West Berkshire Council.

Spotted in Hungerford on 12th September 2023 by the Town and Manor’s River Keeper, Rob Starr, this is a rare Clifden Nonpareil or Blue Underwing moth largest of the species Catocala fraxini.

After the resignation of the T&M’s CEO, Ellie Dickins, in April 2023 the T&M Trustees have voted not to continue with the role of CEO.

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