Who we are

We are a charity, run by elected trustees with a small supporting staff, here to protect the Commoners’ rights and the lands and rivers of the Town & Manor of Hungerford. Click here to find out more about becoming a Trustee and what we do.

The Commoners’ ancient rights date back to the 14th Century, and are administered by the Hocktide Court made up of a jury of Commoners. The jury is selected at random from eligible Commoners using the Bellman’s hat the week before.  The Hocktide Court sits in the spring of each year, on the second Tuesday after Easter.

The officers of the Hocktide Court include the Constable, Portrieve, Bailiff, 4 Tutti Men, 15 Water Bailiffs, 16 Overseers of the Common, 3 Keepers of the Keys to the Common Coffer, 2 Ale Tasters, a Bellman, Blacksmith and an Orangeman. See below for who does what.

A Steward, who is normally not a Commoner, is appointed to run the Court to ensure justice and fair play.

Current Trustees

Nicholas Lumley, the newly elected Constable for the Town and Manor of Hungerford, in 2019

Nicholas Lumley
Constable, Water Bailiff and Overseer of the Common

Nicholas became a Commoner when he and his wife, Caroline, moved in to 35 High Street in August 2003. He was a Tutti Man in 2005, and has served in other offices and on various committees.

Ellie Dickins, Constable, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Ellie Dickins
Deputy Constable, Honorary Secretary of Fishery

Ellie became a Commoner in 1999 when she bought 97 High Street and opened her shoe shop. In 2003 she became a Tutti Man and Water Bailiff, and in 2015 an Overseer and Trustee. She was Constable from 2016 until 2019, when she handed over to Nicholas Lumley.

The Immediate Past President of the Society of Shoe Fitters, Ellie’s passion has led to her become an ambassador for foot health, giving talks across the country.

Barbara Barr, Trustee, Croft Secretary, Water Bailiff and Keeper of the Keys to the Common Coffer of Town and Manor of Hungerford
Barbara Barr
Trustee, Croft Secretary, Water Bailiff, Overseer of the Common and Keeper of the Keys to the Common Coffer

Though she probably wouldn’t admit it, Barbara is something of a trail-blazer. A Trustee in 2006, she became the first ever woman Constable just one year later, an office she held for three years.

A career school teacher in her former life, today Barbara oversees the daily management of The Croft, sits on the Fishery and Buildings Committees, and is the proprietor of a local restaurant.

Tyrell Bossom Hungerford Town and Manor

Tyrell Bossom
Trustee and Overseer of the Common

A man of many roles, Tyrell is the Secretary of the Finance Committee, member of the Buildings and Commons Committees, and when required, Deputy Bellman and Crier of the Courts.

Tyrell has a long history with the Town & Manor, having been an elected Trustee since 2000, and Constable from 2000-2002. An accountant by profession, Tyrell also runs his own retail needlework business with his wife.

Greg Furr
Greg Furr
Trustee, Steward and Water Bailiff

Greg Furr is a man of many titles, including Steward to the Hocktide Court, Deputy Constable and member of Fishery Buildings and Finance Committees, as well as past Constable and past Honorary Fishery Manager.

A Commoner, goldsmith, designer and entrepreneur, Greg loves fly-fishing and classic cars, has an appreciation of fine wine, and once even appeared in a Rod Stewart video (albeit accidentally).

Showing Fiona Hobson, Trustee, Water Bailiff, Overseer of the Common and Bailiff, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Fiona Hobson
Trustee, Water Bailiff, Tutti Pole Dresser, Overseer of the Common and Honorary Secretary of Marketing Committee

Elected a trustee in 2016, Fiona serves on the Marketing, Fishery and Commons Committees.

Fiona has a long family history of offering service to the Town & Manor, following both her parents and her Great Grandfather 100 years on as Tithingman.

In addition, Fiona is Church Secretary at The United Reformed Church, member of Town Team Hungerford, and has previously sat on the committees of The Chamber of Commerce and The Hungerford Historical Association.

Bruce Mayhew, Town and Manor of Hungerford

Bruce Mayhew
Trustee, Water Bailiff, Overseer of the Common, Keeper of the Keys to the Common Coffer and Honorary Secretary of Buildings Committee

Bruce has been a member of the Buildings, Fishery and Commons committees for 30 years. In addition, Bruce ran the Town Hall complex for 10 years, was elected a Trustee in 1993 and Constable in 1996, during which he published ‘Hungerford 2000’.

Before retiring in 2014, Bruce practiced and lectured on dentistry for 55 years. He served on the Hungerford Town Council and was chairman of Newbury Round Table and Hungerford Rotary Club.

Chris Scorey, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Chris Scorey

Elected as a Trustee in 2013, Chris serves on the Commons and Croft Committees, is deputy to the Commons Secretary, and has particular interests in Freeman’s Marsh, Hungerford Marsh and the Croft.

Chris has 40 years’ experience in international trade, during which he received the Queen’s Award for Export. He is also involved in various local businesses, is a Chairman of the Hungerford Town Plan, and former Chairman of Hungerford Tennis Club.

Robert Hall, Trustee of Town and Manor of Hungerford

Robert Hall

Elected as a Trustee in 2019, Robert is keen to bring the local people and the Town & Manor together to create a better awareness of the great work the charity does for Hungerford.

Robert has lived in Hungerford all his life, and while not a Commoner, has been a grazier for six years. After a successful career as the Southern Regional Marketing Manager for Barratt & David Wilson homes, Robert spent two years as the Chairman of the Hungerford Round Table, before taking on and totally refurbishing The Plume pub in Hungerford.

Jonathan Welfare

Appointed as a Trustee in 2019, Jonathan lives in Hungerford and has been a Trustee with the Town & Manor in the past.

Jonathan has extensive experience in the charity sector having previously worked a charity CEO and brings a wealth of knowledge to the organisation.

Julian Tubb
Bellman & Crier of the Courts and Assistant Bailiff

A key figure in Town & Manor events, Julian became Bellman in April 2012 following the death of his uncle Robin Tubb, who had been Bellman for nearly 55 years.

Julian is the latest in a long family line of Bellmen, which incredibly goes back more than 130 years.

He is a retired Fire and Rescue Administrator for Royal Berkshire County.

Supporting staff

Jed Ramsay

In 2017 Jed became our first Chief Executive Officer. In addition to managing the team and running things on a day to day basis, Jed will be working to modernise the charity whilst retaining its historic traditions, and reports to the Constable.

Jed has worked in river and land management for the past 15 years, and is Chair of the Rivers & Coastal Group for the Chartered Institute of Water & Environment Management. In his spare time, you might well find Jed motorbiking around the country lanes.

Robert Starr, Water Keeper, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Robert Starr
Water Keeper and Assistant Bailiff

A lifelong fisherman, Robert manages the rivers and fields of the Town & Manor, a post he has held since 1992. He is also a co-opted member of the Fishery and Commons Committees.

Growing up on the Longford Estate, renowned for its fishing, Robert started fishing when he was just four years old. He later attended Sparsholt College Fishery Management Course, amongst other relevant courses.

Jim Hill, Assistant River Keeper, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Jimmy Hill
Assistant River Keeper

Jimmy has been part of the team as assistant Water Keeper since 2015. He completed the three-year Sparsholt Fishery Management Course in 2013.

As well as being a keen fisherman, Jimmy also enjoys outdoor music events and anything pink and glittery, we’re assuming at the outdoor music events and not when fishing.

Sue Everett, Consultant, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Sue Everett

Sue has worked with the Town & Manor as a consultant since 2008. She advises on environmental land management, especially the environmental stewardship agreements with Natural England.

Sue is a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MCIEEM), has a Geography Degree and Post-graduate Diploma (Advanced Energy and Environmental Systems). Her special interests are sustainable farming and grasslands. More information about her work is on her website.

Sally Wallington, Consultant, Town and Manor of Hungerford
Sally Wallington

Sally has been a consultant to the Town & Manor since 2008. Her focus is Freeman’s Marsh,
where she has special responsibility for the development of access and education, which includes annual study programmes of the river life, wild birds, plants and wild flowers, bats and insects.

Sally has more than 25 years’ experience in conservation and land management.

Sheree Cottle

A Human Resources Consultant with more than 20 years’ experience, Sheree has worked with the Town & Manor since 2015. Sheree is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (MCIPD).

Outside of her role as a Human Resources Generalist, Sheree used to be a singer in a country band, and now writes songs, articles and bakes cakes – apparently, everyone who visits goes home a stone heavier!

Here’s a full list of the Roles within the Town & Manor of Hungerford, and who fills each role:

Constable – Nicholas Lumley
Steward – Greg Furr
Keepers of the Keys to the Common Coffer – Bruce Mayhew, Roger King and Barbara Barr
Blacksmith – Tony Nye
Portrieve – Alex Milne-White
Bailiff – Julian Dickins
Ale Tasters – Sarah Jackson and Philip Porter
Orangeman – Pete Rackham
Water Bailiffs – Roger King, Greg Furr, Bruce Mayhew, Ellie Dickins, Tony Barry, Peter Joseph, Peter Sharland, Barbara Barr, George Styles, Helen Jones, Fiona Hobson, Sarah Jackson, Philip Porter, Elizabeth Barnett and Eileen Bowyer
Overseers of the Common – Paul Burrough, Averil Frenkel, Barbara Barr, Bruce Mayhew, Tyrell Bossom, Roger King, Barnaby Smith, Fiona Hobson, Ellie Dickins, Susan Hofgartener, Lesley Bradley, Julie Lloyd, Julian Dickins, Philip Porter, Christopher Dodd and Edward Sackville
Bellman & Crier of the Courts – Julian Tubb

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