Greg Furr was the Constable with Fiona. C. S. Hobson and Barnaby Smith (Jim) as the Tithingmen.

Paul Lewington was the Orangeman celebrating 20 years in this Roll.
Fiona was following in the footsteps of both her parents (Barbra her mother was the first female Tithingman in 2001) and her Great Grandfather John Spendley Tyler who was Tithingman in 1913 one hundred years before Fiona. Fiona is also the first and only person so far to have been a Tutti Wench and a Tithing man.

Julian Tubb took up the role of Bellman following his Uncle Robin’s death in 2012

This year the United Reformed Church opened up to welcome the children of the Town in for Tutti Day Crafts to ensure the next generation of Children are able to participate in the ancient tradition. The children made Miniature Tutti poles and other craft activities and then scrambled for sweets and coins thrown by the Tithingman, replicating the old tradition but in a safer environment.

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