Hocktide Lunch in 2002 took place as usual on the allotted day, despite it being the funeral of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother at Westminster Abbey.

Tyrell Bossom was Constable and Sue Burnell and Peter Rackham were the tithing men. Robin Tubb was the Bellman and Paul Lewington the Orangeman.

Sue was, for many years, Clerk to the Trustees of the Town and Manor. When she retired from being Clerk, due to ill health, she took the opportunity to become tithingman. In 2002, as Sue carried out her duties from her wheelchair, the Tutti pole was shortened, as you can see from the pole being carried by Robin Tubb in the picture of the Constable and the Bellman.

The Ale Tasters were Greg Furr and Barbara Barr. Barbara again broke with tradition, being the first female Ale Taster in the town, ever!

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