Town & Manor of Hungerford upholds an ancient tradition by delivering a Platinum Jubilee rose to Buckingham Palace

May 2022.

Julian Tubb, Bellman, and Peter Joseph, Constable, outside the gates of Buckingham Palace
Town and Manor of Hungerford’s Bellman (L) Julian Tubb, and Constable (R) Peter Joseph, outside the gates of Buckingham Palace on their way to uphold the ancient tradition of delivering a red rose to the reigning monarch, Her Majesty the Queen

A commemorative Platinum Jubilee red rose has been delivered to Buckingham Palace on behalf of the people of Hungerford, celebrating an ancient custom dating back hundreds of years.

The Town & Manor of Hungerford & Liberty of Sanden Fee’s Constable Peter Joseph and Bellman Julian Tubb travelled to the palace to hand deliver the Hungerford rose to Lieutenant Colonel Thomas White, Equerry to Her Majesty the Queen.

They were upholding a tradition which is thought to date back more than 800 years, which sees a red rose delivered to the monarch to mark significant events and anniversaries.

The title ‘Duke of Lancaster’ has been held by the reigning British monarch since 1399, when the House of Lancaster merged with the Crown. As the Manor of Hungerford was once part of the Duchy of Lancaster, a tradition is still honoured to this day of the Constable presenting a red rose, the emblem of Lancaster, to the monarch on very special occasions.

The visit came about after the Town & Manor of Hungerford’s Constable, Peter Joseph, wrote to the Palace to request the opportunity to honour the historic gesture.

Peter Joseph said: “It was a privilege to visit the Palace and also a wonderful opportunity to recognise the work of Her Majesty The Queen. Upholding the unique traditions of Hungerford is an important part of our work at the Town & Manor so it was fantastic for us to be able to present this Jubilee rose to Lieutenant Colonel White to commemorate the Queen’s 70 years of service.”

“Our community is looking forward to coming together to celebrate this very special event over the coming days. Around 25 trees along Hungerford’s High Street are being decorated by local groups and organisations, which will be quite the spectacle, all happening alongside the main event of a picnic, music and activities such as a tug of war and ‘make and bake’ competition, amongst many other events. It’s going to be a super few days.”


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